lighting optimized

Compatible Dimmers

Recommended Dimmers

Applicable ONLY to TOGGLED product numbers:

  • D416-30311
  • D416-40311
  • D416-50311
  • D416-65311
  • D416-30321
  • D416-40321
  • D416-50321
  • D416-65321
Tubes per Dimmer
Manufacturer Part NumberMinMax
Legrand RHCL453PTCCCV6128
Lutron TGCL-153P19
Lutron MACL-153M19
Lutron PD-5NE19
Lutron CTCL-153P29
Lutron SCL-153P29
Lutron DVCL-153P29
Lutron AYCL-253P115
Lutron DVCL 253P215
Lutron SELV-300P118

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