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Conversion kits available for converting 8ft fixtures, compliant with UL1598C.

Choose the color temperature

Neutral 3500k

HTC 3500 Image

Home /
General Purpose Lighting

Warm light, similar to incandescent bulbs. Commonly used in living spaces, reception areas, beauty salons, and private practices.

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Cool White 4000k

HTC 4000 Image

Work Areas /
Office Buildings

Whiter light for improved color contrast enhancing work productivity. Commonly used in basements, garages, schools, stores, and commercial buildings.

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Natural Light 5000k

HTC 4000 Image

Plants / Warehouses /

Similar to outdoor daylight for the greatest color contrast. Commonly used in basements, shop areas, plants, medical facilities, and hospitals.

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Choose the optics


Clear Optics

Near zero diffusion for the greatest amount of directional light emittance. Typically used in high-bay industrial applications and other areas where maximum output is at a premium.

Clear Optics


Diffuse Optics

Standard diffusion appropriate for most applications, including behind K12-style fixture lenses and exposed in open shop lights. Optics are designed to minimize glare while still allowing most light to be directed toward work surfaces.

Diffuse Optics

Wide Beam Angle

Wide Beam Optics

Designed for open parabolic troffers, the wide beam angle lens softens the lamp's appearance while directing a deliberate percentage of light upward into the fixture. This feature eliminates the dark "cave effect" inherent to a purely directional LED replacement.

Wide Beam Optics

Choose the lumen output


Standard Lumen Output

Appropriate for most replacement applications including offices, basements, schools, and other standard ceiling height areas.


High Lumen Output

High lumen output designed for use in high-bay ceiling applications such as warehouses and gymnasiums, or for areas where maximum light output is desired such as a visual inspection work station.

High lumen output toggled lamps also offer the opportunity for delamping facilities (for example two fluorescent tubes for one toggled LED lamp) to further decrease energy consumption without sacrificing work area illumination.

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